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You have spent a lot of money and time designing and building your system, don’t cut it short now when it comes to putting it all together. Not all wiring is created equal, at Act Audio we will supply you with the right quality products to finish your job correctly. Having incorrect terminals or wiring can cause resistance which will make your equipment work harder to provide it’s true output. Overworking the equipment can lead to premature failure and lack of sound quality, using quality cable and connectors will help ensure the longevity of your expensive amps or subs. 


Don’t be fooled by cheap 4 gauge there is a reason it’s cheaper. A lot of times it’s as simple as using more insulation and less wire to create that same thickness, or it’s non oxidized wire which will corrode and fail after a year.  Remember that whenever you are trying to decide the gauge wire, it is always better to round up than down.  Having too much wire is and never will be a problem, but having to little can be detrimental to not only your system, but your entire vehicles Choosing your wire is just as important as building your system, at ACT Audio, we only use CEA2015 approved wire and guarantee our “wire integrity.”

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