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Why you should invest in an alarm

When your vehicle is the second or first largest investment you will make in your lifetime why leave it unprotected? We all recognize the sound of a car alarm. It is not uncommon to hear the loud sirens blaring in the middle of the night. Most of us ignore the sound and keep sleeping; the sound has become as familiar as the birds chirping on the power lines around you. This is why it is so important that your alarm does more than simply blast a siren into the air.

Our car alarms are a complete vehicle security system, rather than just a neighborhood disturbance. They are comprehensive alarms that  will sound when there is any disturbance to your vehicle. After the alarm sounds, a message will be sent to your remote or smart phone to alert you of the condition of your car. Also rather than simply having a siren, these car alarms also have a feature called a starter-kill. This will allow you to stop your car’s engine from starting and effectively prevent any attempts to steal your vehicle.  Our vehicle security systems utilize all of the existing sensors within the car and have many additional add on sensors. Whether the door is opened, a window is broken or even if someone attempts to steal wheels and tires, the alarm can be sounded and you will be alerted immediately.


We carry many styles of remotes; the most common one will send a single to the vehicle and give you conformation via siren chirp or horn.  These remotes can also have two way technology that will let you know when something is happening to your vehicle.  Two way technology will also give you conformation that your car is receiving the lock or unlock signals along with other information about the current status of your vehicle. For the smart phone enthusiast you can even have it connected directly to your phone to lock or unlock. When it’s installed to your phone you will also receive a text message when something is happening to your car no matter where you are. Stop by ACT Audio today to compare our different styles and find the best option for your lifestyle.

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