Professional Subwoofer Enclosures

At ACT Audio we provide and help our customers choose the right subwoofer enclosure for their specific goal, and limitations.

Sealed enclosures

Sealed subwoofer boxes generally are much smaller than ported enclosures. If you're limited on space, it would probably be a good idea to go with a sealed enclosure. Not only is there a size difference, but there is also a difference in sound between the two enclosures. Sealed enclosures tend to produce tighter more accurate bass and have a flat frequency response curve. They are also generally the enclosure of choice when looking for a Sound Quality setup.

Ported & Vented enclosures

Ported boxes can be bigger then sealed and have many factors that will determine their size and sound output. Ported enclosures produce louder and deeper bass than sealed enclosures, and will also allow you to tune the box to a specific frequency to determine how your bass will sound. Higher tuning on a ported box will get louder, but often at the expense of sound quality. Lower tuning will still get louder than a sealed box, and at the same time will still yield fairly good sound quality. At ACT Audio we prefer Memphis ported boxes which are tuned low to optimize your bass and sound quality.


Custom enclosures

Custom Enclosures are the best choice for the best sound. A finely built box is one of the most overlooked parts of a professional sound system. You can look at it as the heart of your audio system. Without a good box everything else will struggle to produce good sound. At ACT Audio we can have a box built to fit your personal needs along with the exact specifications for the subs to allow them to perform at the best potential. We build custom enclosure to suit the type of vehicle you drive, the music you listen to, and the subs you are installing. For more information on custom enclosures, please don't hesitate to contact us.



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